Why This Beats Campaign Is the Perfect Case Study for Your Marketing Strategy

What do you think about when you're developing an ad campaign? Are you thinking about just getting your product out to customers? Are you thinking about ways to show the benefits of your product?

All too often, advertisements focus on just relaying a list of benefits of a product. They miss the key point; they miss the chance to connect with the audience. They miss the opportunity to bring their product to life. Why? Because they're too rushed. They are too focused on squeezing all of the key points of a product into a short ad without any direction that will draw the customers in.

There Is Power in a Properly Executed Ad Campaign

One of the most powerful recent advertisements is from Beats by Dre. The ad, #AboveTheNoise, is impactful because it doesn't tell me why I should buy these headphones. It doesn't even verbally address the headphones. Instead, the commercial tells me that I can do what I want to do. It gives a message of empowerment that is all too often missing in today's society.

What comes to mind when I think about the #AboveTheNoise campaign, and other Beats by Dre campaigns such as the older #TheGameBeforeTheGame, is that someone took the time to address three important questions.

The three Questions to Ask Before Coming Up With a Campaign

The most powerful ad campaigns are those that tell stories. They are the ones that people can identify with. They are the ones that make you realize you are missing out on something.

In order to come up with a concept to focus on for a storytelling ad campaign, I ask myself three questions.

  1. Who does my ad need to touch?

  2. How will I build trust with my customers?

  3. What kind of storytelling will I use?

These three questions provide the framework for setting up a successful ad campaign that will reach people and build trust. Going back to the #AboveTheNoise campaign, Beats by Dre recognized everyone's need to take time to sit without noise and hear their own thoughts, to get direction.

  1. The ad touched people who feel like life is too busy and too noisy.

  2. The ad built trust with the customers by showing them some of the ways that the headphones could help them without actually telling them about the headphones.

  3. The ad told the story of more than one person who needed peace. It covered different scenarios so that everyone would have at least one they identified with.

Rising Above Mediocre Ad Campaigns

The storytelling aspect of a successful campaign is what sets it above others. Mediocre campaigns tell something that appears to be a story, but there isn't any depth to it. A family sits down to eat and drinks a specific beverage -- this is one example of a mediocre campaign. In order to reach customers in a more profound way, the ad needs to provide a meaning behind the choice. Some marketing professionals have such an advanced way of thinking that they were able to surpass the competition without hammering the product into the consumer's mind by shouting the name until people get sick of hearing it.

How about showing that grandpa used to drink the beverage with a member of the family? Pulling that memory of a stable and comfortable relationship is where the storytelling comes in. Anyone who lost a grandparent or loved one could identify with finding ways to keep that person close.

The #AboveTheNoise Beats by Dre video campaign is likely going to remain on the top of my list of the most profound campaigns of 2017. It will be interesting to see if that company or brand that can top it in 2018.


What do you think of the #AboveTheNoise campaign? What was the last ad that you saw that really connected with you?